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on June 30th, 2011 at 04:28 am

Morgana's in a foul temper. Like most children, Arthur and Morgana can fight like cats and dogs, until someone threatens to take the other away. Then the animals turn on the person trying to separate them.

In her temper, she's torn apart her bed. The wreckage of the blankets are on the floor and the destroyer is seated atop them.

Morgana took being moved back to her chambers in the worst way possible. There's a guard with a scratch to show for it. Perhaps if Gaius had been near, he might've called an end to it, as her head wound's still healing, and the thrashing about and upset isn't the best thing for her concussion either. She's been told to stay calm and take things easy for at least two weeks.

Her room is evidence that she's been anything but calm and taking things easy, as is her voice. "What, Your Majesty?" She makes the latter part of that sound like the most offensive phrase ever. The guard in question, the one with the scratch, made it quite clear he'd been told by the King to move her back to her chambers.

Though, frankly, if the guard had a brain in his head, he would've realized he should've backed off. For the second time in a week, Morgana's found herself forcibly carried somewhere.

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