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[In the Beginning] Raising Children - Harder Than Ruling a Kingdom

It's been almost a week since the attempted kidnapping of the King's son and ward and Uther has barely had time to check on them. There was the trail of the captured kidnapper and then having learned the group came from Cenred there were attempts to negoiate a manhunt with that kingdom's ruler. (The less said about that the better - the King of Cenred is, in Uther's opinion, a complete waste of space).

Gaius's prognosis was generally good, Arthur's leg wound wouldn't be permanently disabling and there was no sign of infection so far. As for Morgana, the concussion was cause for concern but she was also recovering well.

The two children had been sharing Arthur's room because Morgana thoroughly refused to be separated from the Prince. In fact, she screamed bloody murder if any attempt was made! Arthur was less vocal, but he obviously rather have Morgana with him than not. It was quite a surprise since the two of them had seemed to do nothing but fight otherwise. It had been rathe touching, not that Uther was going to let anyone know he thought that. It wouldn't do for a King to be seen as soft.

Today though, Morgana would be returning to her own room, since obviously the two couldn't stay in the same room forever. Unfortunately and not unusually Uther wasn't able to be there, but according to Gaius she'd made quite a scene.

Which was why he'd finally cleared some time in his busy day to go and see her and Arthur, difficult though it is for him to actually talk to people, especially those he cares for.

He opens her door, slowly, hesistantly. "Morgana?"


Re: After Midnight...

Morgana nods her head. "He's known for a long time. My father took me to see him when we were last at court." It was well over a year before her father's death as Gorlois, with good cause, kept her far, far, away from Uther, for reasons she will understand when she's older.

She's quiet as she speaks, not wanting to accidentally wake Arthur.

Re: After Midnight...


He should have known that Gorlois would have seen the trouble. He was good at that.

"I'll...leave you both be then." He looks at Arthur snoring away peacefully.

Re: After Midnight...

Morgana tilts her head, rather confused by the entire encounter, like she dreamed it.

"Why did you come if you were just going to leave?" She rubs her eyes with the back of her hand, clearly sleepy.

Re: After Midnight...

"To make sure he -you were safe."

And alive. That was his deepest darkest fear...that Arthur would be taken from him, just as Ygraine had been.

He wonders if he should worry for Morgana as well.

Re: After Midnight...

Morgana catches the correction. It's one thing to know you're second to someone. It's another entirely when it comes to being confronted with it in such an obvious fashion. There is an obvious stiffening of her shoulders, and she looks away from him.

"He's fine." She puts her head back down and doesn't look at him.

Re: After Midnight...

Uher rubs his temples... Even he can see what he did wrong there.

He tries to make amends. "I-I'm glad you're both all right."

Re: After Midnight...

She doesn't answer him.

It's quite clear Morgana is anything but sleeping. Also, if anyone accuses her of being upset, she would blame the concussion, and the tiredness. It would be impossible to drag from her that his statement hurt.

Going from the most important person in someone's life, to feeling like the afterthought, is an adjustment she still hasn't come to terms with.
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