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[In the Beginning] Raising Children - Harder Than Ruling a Kingdom

It's been almost a week since the attempted kidnapping of the King's son and ward and Uther has barely had time to check on them. There was the trail of the captured kidnapper and then having learned the group came from Cenred there were attempts to negoiate a manhunt with that kingdom's ruler. (The less said about that the better - the King of Cenred is, in Uther's opinion, a complete waste of space).

Gaius's prognosis was generally good, Arthur's leg wound wouldn't be permanently disabling and there was no sign of infection so far. As for Morgana, the concussion was cause for concern but she was also recovering well.

The two children had been sharing Arthur's room because Morgana thoroughly refused to be separated from the Prince. In fact, she screamed bloody murder if any attempt was made! Arthur was less vocal, but he obviously rather have Morgana with him than not. It was quite a surprise since the two of them had seemed to do nothing but fight otherwise. It had been rathe touching, not that Uther was going to let anyone know he thought that. It wouldn't do for a King to be seen as soft.

Today though, Morgana would be returning to her own room, since obviously the two couldn't stay in the same room forever. Unfortunately and not unusually Uther wasn't able to be there, but according to Gaius she'd made quite a scene.

Which was why he'd finally cleared some time in his busy day to go and see her and Arthur, difficult though it is for him to actually talk to people, especially those he cares for.

He opens her door, slowly, hesistantly. "Morgana?"


She looks up at him from atop the blankets. She still has a fairly noticeable bruise on her face from when she was hit, but she doesn't look pitiful. No, with the set jaw, and angry eyes, she looks very tough, as tough as any of his knights, and far tougher than most of the poor excuses for guards.

"Why'd I have to leave Arthur? I didn't want to leave Arthur."
Uther sighs, he suppose it's a good enough question.

"You two can hardly share the same room forever," he finally says, shaking his head. "You're both too old for that."
"But he is not right yet," neither is she. "I should have stayed until he was well."

Still perched on her pile of blankets, Morgana will not make a move to start cleaning up the mess she's made.
"You are still able to visit him, I'm not confining you to your chambers."

Though he believes he'd probably should. Still, he doesn't quite have the heart to do it.
Now Morgana's confused as much as angry. "So you tell a guard to pull me back to my chambers but then say I can go back?" She's actually not exaggerating about being pulled back, though Morgana presumes he's already heard about the ruckus me made.
As well as being rather incompentent in the guarding side of things, the guards seem to have a problem communicating as well.

He's definitely going to have to have words with them.

" were dragged away?" This is definitely a concern, with the concussion and all. "I...that shouldn't have happened. I just thought you'd be more comfortable in your own chambers."
"I didn't want to go and the guard picked me up." Morgana's still angry at that, and Uther's going to get the brunt of it. "Said the King ordered me to my chambers."

She also has to add, "I'm not sorry I scratched him. He whines like a baby."
Uther can't help chuckling at that, but then looks serious.

"I would have come myself, but I was in the middle of a council meetings."

Although it's debatable if his presence would have made things better or worse.
"Why?" She demands. "Would you have pulled me out too? You're always making me do what I don't want." She's being hyperbolic, but it doesn't negate how she feels.
"Of course I wouldn't have!" Uther blusters, but in all honesty... he might have.

He's hurt by her accusation all the same. "Am I really so horrible to you?"

Because he's trying not to be, really.
Morgana doesn't believe him, and has an accusation ready, one she hadn't had the chance to throw at him yet.

"You let the man take me, so I think you don't care. I want to be with Arthur. He wouldn't have let that happen." Besides her concern for Arthur's health, he's now the only person in the palace who she thinks would care if she lives or dies. She's even lost her faith in "Merlin."
It was a diffitcult accusation to answer indeed, Uther though will try.

"That was never my intention, I would never have let him take you too far. It was...difficult." He licks his lips and struggles to get the next words out because...he's not used to saying them! "I'm sorry."
"You didn't come for me. Arthur did." Morgana will always find it odd that it was Arthur who limped up the hill, to find her in that ditch, rather than Uther.

"You couldn't've stopped him if he'd decided to sell me." Morgana really doesn't understand what that means. "We could've been a long way away before you came."
Uther is at a loss for words, a very unusual thing indeed.

"I had to...the other kidnappers." He trips over his words. "It didn't take me long to...disptach them. I would have come right after you..."
Morgana visibly flinches a the word dispatch. She crosses her arms and stares at the blankets upon which she sits.

"You had Arthur and you're his father." There is a point of sad irony to be made here. "I don't have my father to do that."
Uther winces and not for the first time does he wonder about telling the truth. But how can he? Apart from anything else...he doesn't have the guts, Morgana all ready seems to hate him enough...

"I...I swear to you, I would have come for you. You're important to me, I care about you deeply."
"You don't even know me. I almost never saw you before I was made to come here." Morgana has no idea how much Uther even knows about her sudden relocation. It could never be called pleasant, even if it had been under better circumstances.

And because Morgana's furious at being forced back to her chambers, "you're no better than that man. Taking me away from everything I want but I'm supposed to thank you for it." Some of the more vocal maids lately have been reminding Morgana how lucky she is.

Morgana doesn't feel the least bit lucky.
This is getting worse and worse, Uther pinches the bridge of his nose. It seemed so obvious that bringing Morgana to Camelot was the best thing to do, but he could hardly leave her out there in Tintangel by herself. It makes sense to him, why doesn't it make sense to her?

"I..would you feel better if you were back with Arthur then?"
Morgana, like any child, will never understand being removed from her home. She had a nurse, and other servants to take care of the place, though she doesn't realize how the administration of the estate would require trustees, and a great deal of oversight by the palace to make sure said trustees didn't rob the estate blind.

"No, he'd say I'm a baby if I go back now." It was a precarious balance for the pair. One that was broken when she was dragged out of the room. Morgana tries to hide what she does by lowering her head and using her hair to obscure her wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. It wouldn't do to have the King know how upset she is: anger is fine to show him but nit sadness.
Uther sighs and runs his hands through his hair.

"I'm sure he wouldn't." Although who knows...he has no idea what his children think most of the time.

"Can there anything else I could do, to make you more comfortable here." He figured giving her the nicest chambers was a good start, but now he really wasn't sure at all.
Morgana would give him a look of disbelief over his comment about Arthur but she doesn't want him to see her tears. Instead, all he's going to get is a very familiar refrain, "I want to go home."

It's a contradiction to have been so upset about being separated from Arthur, only to ask fo further separation and be sent home. Although, Uther had better learn the girl is nothing if not contradictory.
Uther really wants to tear his hair out, but that's really not an option.

"I understand why you miss it," he begins slowly and with difficulty. "Tintangel was Gorlois's pride and joy, until you."

Saying that makes him feel a stab of a guilt.
Before coming to the city, everything in Morgana's life was a certainty. She was certain of her father's devotion, and certain of the routines and life at Tintagel. She was certain that her father was going to keep her away from court as much as possible, but still make sure she knew her manners. She was certain things were going to remain as such for a long time.

And then all of it changed and there is nothing of which she is certain.

As for Uther tearing his hair out, that would look a bit on the ridiculous side.

As for missing Tingtagel, there's a simpler reason. "It's my home. This isn't my home. You can't make it my home because you are not my father." At the moment, the only thing she finds tolerable is Arthur.
There's a long pause...a pause that seems heavy with meaning to Uther, but probably, hopefully not to Morgana.

"I'm not trying to replace your memories of home or your father, I assure you. If yo believing nothing else, believe that."
"You couldn't if you wanted to." Morgana reiterates. Any significance in the pause, will literally condemn him when he's older, but right now it passes

"My father wouldn't have let anyone take me. Never. He wouldn't think not far was all right." She finds another point if comparison to find Uther wanting, not knowing how truthful it is. There was only ever one attempt, during one of the rare trips to court with her father. The attempted abductors didn't make it near the tent in which she slept, nor did they make it before Uther for trial. It's likely Uther would know about the event, even though Morgana does not.

She has another accusation for him, something, unlike the pause, Morgana hasn't missed, "And I know how proud my father was of me. He told me all the time." It's said with the absolute confidence of a child secure in her parent's affection. "Arthur's not even sure you like him." She doesn't realize it, but at this point in her life it's what offends her most about the King. To realize this though, is beyond her 10 year old understanding.
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